Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) Program

Receive a Bonus Incentive from your Solar Panels with the Qcells SREC program! ​

By joining the Qcells SREC program, not only will you receive an upfront gift card bonus, but you’ll also be playing a significant role in contributing to your state’s renewable energy goals. Moreover, you’ll be supporting Qcells‘ commitment to clean energy initiatives!


While this video specifically illustrates the SREC program for California customers, the overall process applies to customers in other states as well.

A Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) is a certificate verifying that one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from a solar energy source. These credits are tradable in the SREC marketplace.

SRECs are supported by several different levels of government, regional electricity transmission authorities, as well as in US case law, and are often used to demonstrate compliance with Renewable Portfolio Standards or other regulatory requirements.

An SREC’s value is determined by market forces such as geographic location, solar capacity and overall demand for renewable energy. 

The incentive rate for Qcells SRECs is clearly outlined in the SREC agreement. When you sign the Qcells SREC program agreement, you will be provided with the most current incentive rate on the Agreement.

  • Is the Qcells SREC program offered in every state?
    Currently, the Qcells SREC program is only available for PV system owners in California. ​

  • Do non-Qcells solar panels qualify? ​
    Currently, the Qcells SREC program does not impose restrictions based on the manufacturer of your PV panels. This means that even if your solar system is not utilizing Qcells panels, you are still eligible to participate in the Qcells SREC program. ​

  • What if I have an old solar inverter(s)? ​
    Each state has its own set of operational rules for SRECs, with some requiring ANSI accuracy within +0.5%. If your system was installed before 2020, it’s advisable to verify your eligibility with Qcells.​

    If you’re unsure about the technical details of your inverter(s), don’t hesitate to contact us at SRECs@qcells.com. Simply provide your name, installer’s name, and inverter information (If you have it), and our program manager will double-check your eligibility before you sign up for the SREC program. Your peace of mind is our priority!

  • Am I eligible for the program if I finance my system via PPA or lease? ​
    If you entered into a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) for your solar system, you are likely not be the system owner, even if the panels are on your property. In such a scenario, it’s probable that the third party would only qualify for the SREC program. ​

  • What if I already participate in a different SREC program?​
    If you have agreed to participate in an SREC program with another entity, you may not be permitted to transfer your SREC rights to any other party. In such circumstances, you would not be eligible to participate in Qcells’ SREC program.​

After you sign up for the Qcells SREC program via the DocuSign form, your installer will submit requirements immediately after your project’s permission-to-operate (PTO) date in order to complete your enrollment. Once enrollment is finalized, you will receive an email confirmation that your enrollment has been successfully completed. A one-time eGift card will be delivered via email within 30 days after successful enrollment into the Qcells SREC Program.

The SREC incentive is considered income. To comply with tax regulations, you may be required to submit a W-9 tax form if you receive a total of over $600 in gift cards from Qcells within a calendar year. If you’re applying for the Qcells Grid Service program, please be sure to double-check your total rewards for the calendar year to determine if this requirement applies to you.​

  1. Maintain the solar PV system in good working condition. ​
  2. Ensure that the inverter is connected to the internet and sharing data with Qcells. ​
  3. If you plan to sell/transfer your solar PV system, please reach out to SRECs@qcells.com for further guidance.

Easy to Sign up

If you’re ready to join the Qcells SREC program, simply fill out your information and sign the SREC agreement. 

Hassle-free Enrollment​

Your installer will help get you officially enrolled in the SREC program by submitting required paperwork and registration on your behalf.

Instant, Upfront Reward

Once your registration process is approved, you’ll receive the upfront incentive as stated in the agreement.

Sign up today to get started!​

  1. Choose your “State” to access the appropriate agreement
    This ensures that you receive the correct SREC incentive amount.
  2. Share your and your system’s information.
    Please provide “the name of your installer.” This is crucial, as Qcells will work closely with your installer to fulfill any necessary requirements.
  3. Read and Sign the Agreement
    Once you’ve signed up, the completed document will be sent to the email address you provided.

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