The Birth of Sustainable Future

From Solar Pioneer to Energy Leader

The Beginning

The origins of Qcells
Qcells SE founded in Germany
German flag

Qcells was founded in Thalheim, Germany employing over 2,000 people. Upon Qcells’ establishment, other companies also began opening facilities in the surrounding area, giving rise to what would come to be known as Germany’s “Solar Valley.” That same year, the company reached global solar capacity of 1GW.

Set new standard with 6-inch mono cell
6-inch mono cell
The company produces its first working polycyrstalline solar cell called Q6 on its new production line in Thalheim. Later on, Qcells introduces its first monocrystalline cell, the Q6M.
Set new standard with Q6L 6-inch cell
Scientist in a lab
Qcells sets new standard for industry with Q6L (156x156mm) 6-inch cell, which provides better performance and maximum utilization of the module’s surface space. Other companies followed to produce their cells of the size same as Q6L.
The world's first company to ensure Hot-Spot-free cells with Hot-Spot Protect
Qcells Flag
Qcells becomes the world’s first company to ensure Hot-SpotFree cells with Hot-Spot Protect. The quality and safety procedure “Hot-Spot Protect” ensures that the Qcells’ solar cells are 100% guaranteed free from hot spots that could heat up and affect module quality.
Introduces the world's first full-square monocrystalline cell
first full-square monocrystalline cell

Introduces the first full-square monocrystalline Q6L cell in the solar industry, which provides additional 3% power output compared to a pseudo-square mono-crystalline solar cell. Qcells’ new cell creates highly appealing module due to its homogenously black look, which is a perfect solution for an aesthetically attractive look of the building or location where it is installed.

World-record efficiency of 19.5% in multicrystalline cell
new efficiency world record of 19.5% for polycrystalline solar cells

Q.ANTUM Technology sets a new efficiency world record of 19.5% for polycrystalline solar cells, as confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute (ISE). Anti LID, Anti PID, HotSpot Protect, Tra.QTM and Quality Tested all come together to form Q.ANTUM and provide the most powerful, long lasting, stable and secure solar modules.


Commercialization of PERC solar cell based on Q.ANTUM Technology with which Qcells sets module efficiency record.
World-first company to commercialize PERC technology*
Solar panel

Qcells began producing PERC solar cells* in mass production based on Q.ANTUM technology. Qcells is also the first manufacturer of solar modules to participate successfully in the Quality Tested program of the VDE, an independent certification institute from Germany, setting a new standard for holistic quality assurance. Qcells also operates the largest technology and module test centre in the industry, as well as its own VDE-certified testing laboratory.

 * PERC technology
PERC tech essentially enables to improve light capture near the rear surface and to optimize electrons capture than standard solar cell tech

Signed 1.5GW module* supply agreement with NextEra
Business people making a deal

Qcells becomes the first company to produce solar cells based on the innovative PERC technology at GW-scale production capacity per year. This gave the company the opportunity to sign the largest supply contract in the history of the solar industry of 1.5 GW with NextEra Energy Resources, LLC.

* 1.5 GW module
In the Back to the Future Movie, the DeLorean time machine is a time travel device made by retrofitting a DMC DeLorean vehicle with a flux capacitor. The car requires 1.21gigawatts of power and needs to travel 88 miles per hour (142 km/h) to initiate time travel. In real life, if you account 1 GW for uneven use and especially for distribution loss, 1 GW could realistically power 300,000 homes.

World-record efficiency of 19.5% in multicrystalline module
Project solar panels
Q.ANTUM Technology sets a new efficiency world record of 19.5% for polycrystalline solar modules. This is also the first time in PV industry for PV modules with the same size (1,670 x 1,000 mm2, 60 cells) to break 300W barrier. At the same year Qcells also receives "Solar Industry Award 2015" with its Q.PLUS G4 Q.ANTUM module in the category "Module Manufacturing Innovation."

Business Expansion

Introduces Energy Storage Solution and Presents New Energy Business Model

Launched energy storage system business
Qcells energy storage
Qcells presents its Q.HOME Energy Storage Solution for the first time. This is a unified energy solution that combines the Qcells solar module + inverter + energy storage for residential systems.
"Contracting for Solar Systems” offered for the first time.
"Contracting for Solar Systems” offered
The new business model "Contracting for Solar System" enables small and medium-sized businesses as well as owners of residential buildings, to receive access to low-cost solar power without any layout of capital. This first new business model project is done in partnership with ISM Energy (Installation Partner) and Stadtwerke BitterfeldWolfen (Contract Partner), where Qcells supplies 9.9kWp solar system.

Next Level Technology

Qcells continues to further innovate and presents Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology.

Inaugurated the largest module facility in western hemisphere* (1.7GW, USA)
Qcells factory
Qcells opens largest solar factory in the Western Hemisphere. The 300,000 sq ft factory in Dalton, Georgia, United States, has the capacity to produce 12,000 PV modules per day. Its annual production of 1.7 GW of solar module capacity is nearly equivalent to the peak power output of Hoover Dam.
Introduces Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology
Introduces Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology
Qcells announces its successful mass production of 3 billion Q.ANTUM solar cells. The company also introduces its Q.PEAK DUO-G9 solar module series based on the new Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology, which adds the Zero-gap technology to the existing benefits of Q.ANTUM DUO Technology.

Start of Energy Business

Qcells continues to expand its business to provide complete energy solutions

Launch of Q.ENERGY service
Qcells panels being unpacked

Customers can buy and consume 100% clean energy, regardless of whether they own a solar system installed thanks to Q.ENERGY services. Qcells' Q.ENERGY service delivers electricity - drawn from 100% clean energy sources in Germany and Austria - to customers, enabling them to power their homes in an environmentally friendly manner.

Qcells aquires GELI expanding its offerings in integrated energy storage solutions
GELI on a computer
Qcells signs an agreement to purchase a 100% stake in Growing Energy Labs Inc (GELI), a leading energy storage solutions and software provider. Leveraging Geli’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology for designing, automating, and managing energy storage systems, Qcells will be able to provide integrated energy solutions through packaged hardware and software capabilities (solar+storage). The acquisition marks Qcells’ expansion into the U.S. solar + storage market beyond existing solutions in Europe and Australia.
First solar module manufacturer to pass new QCPV certification
Qcells scientist
Qcells seals first industry certification for new Quality Controlled PV program from TÜV Rheinland. The Company adopts the TÜV Rheinland Quality Controlled PV certification in order to strengthen its position as the leading quality provider in the PV industry, backed by a testing scheme that is not only the most extensive and stringent available to date, but is also the only certification in the entire industry to involve independent and random onsite testing from running production, as well as regular material testing.

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Setting state-of-the-art technology standards in the industry



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Global Exective HQ

We develop our Qcells product portfolio “Engineered in Germany” and support global roll-out.


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We ensure Qcells at the forefront of technology by developing new, innovative generations of products.


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Keeping Market Leadership in Most G7 Countries

Dominant market share in Residential, Solid foothold in Commercial

map of global market




In USA, Qcells has maintained its No.1 position of residential market for 18 consecutive quarters, setting a new record for highest market share by an individual residential module supplier over the past 10 years. *1








Source: *1 U.S. PV Leaderboard (2023-Q1), Wood Mackenzie *2 PV InstallerMonitor 2018/19, EuPD Research *3 Fuji Keizai Kansai 2019

Recognized, Proven its Excellence in Global Market

Winning awards in Top Brand, Top Technology, Top Quality, Top Bankability
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Top Brand PV

Top Brand PV

8 consecutive years in EU
6 consecutive years in Australia


Life & Living Award

Life & Living Award

Germany’s most popular provider for 2 consecutive years


Intersolar Award

Intersolar Award

Q.PEAK RSF L-G4.2 (2017)
Q.PEAK DUO-G5 (2018)


Solar+Power Award

Solar+Power Award

Q.PEAK DUO-G5 (2017)
Q.FLAT-G5 (2018)


Top Performer

Top Performer

8 consecutive years


Intersolar Award

BNEF Top-Tier Bankability

Top-tier company since 2012

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