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Constructing Commercial & Industrial and Community Solar Solutions

As the premier commercial and industrial solar partner with a heritage dating back to the origins of the modern solar industry, Qcells Enable combines experience and expertise to deliver one-stop shop complete energy solutions, all backed by a Fortune Global 500 company.

An Extension of Your Team

Supporting Solar Projects from Every Angle

Our team of integrated, multidisciplinary professionals work together to ensure seamless communication, high-quality deliverables, and consistent results.


Our projects are designed to evaluate size, energy production and capital expenditure to generate the highest returns for our clients.


Our internal procurement process runs in parallel with out design process. The cornerstone is the Qcells line of "Made-in-America" products.


Our skilled crews have experience completing solar projects in the real world - on time and on budget.


Why Qcells Enable?

Put Our Expertise To Work For You.

Fully Integrated EPC

Turnkey, bankable solution for your solar power investment - providing engineering and design support in the early development stage, to final project realization.

One-Stop Shopping

Key to your project's success, Qcells Enable is your partner for efficient delivery of turnkey solar projects - our expertise save your time and money with a plan you can rely on.

Project Management

Understand the important functions of engineering, procurement and construction phases - Qcells Enable provides real solutions to become more practical in timely and cost effective delivery of projects.

Design Difference

Design optimization and cutting edge of the very latest industry practices and solar technology with our new Q.PEAK DUO-XL Modules.

Quality Control

Qcells is the first solar module manufacturer in the industry to pass TÜV Rheinland’s new Quality Controlled PV (QCPV) certification, the most thorough testing program in the industry​.

Efficient Implementation

Swift implementation of your project using our cascading construction method in significant reductions in construction costs and optimal use of resources, allowing you to obtain the earliest possible yields and a rapid return on investment.

Our Team

Scott Greenberg


Scott Greenberg builds, develops and manages a team of solar energy specialists focused on the development of standards, processes and best practices to ensure projects are operated in a consistent manner, safely, on-time, and on budget. His focus has continues to enhance operational readiness, site management, environmental and regulatory compliance, and logistics.

Spencer Branch


Spencer Branch works jointly with our extended Qcells team to set the strategy and execute on the solar development of services and components to build a first-class project for our customers. His analysis of comprehensive construction-focused engineering plans provides an emphasis on safe, cost effective, and innovative designs that achieve client expectations.

Peter Glover


Peter Glover is responsible for coordinating solar project elements including engineering design, quality planning, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning and final buy-off phases. He uses complex data and technical information to analyze a project plan and provide solutions that deliver real value to our clients.

Thomas Ossolinski


Thomas Ossolinski uses his vast expertise with solar energy projects to manage all aspects of the Qcells Enable capital construction process. He works closely with the management team on planning, organizing and overseeing of project execution. This ensures clear communication regarding schedule, budget, and labor during the entire project.

Tim Ferdinand


Tim Ferdinand oversees the operations teams that execute various scopes of work on large commercial & industrial solar projects. He possesses a thorough working knowledge of Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical trade work relevant to renewable construction; as well as ensuring project success by engaging in and supporting pre-construction activities, estimates and design reviews.

Jonathan Shankman


Jonathan Shankman is a leader in the EPC sales group at Qcells Enable. He is responsible for key solar energy projects, creating business development strategies, and sustainability initiatives with partners. He also maintains strategic relationships with vendors to provide the best-in-class experience for our clients.

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