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How I Increased My Work Engagement, through my North Stars

Learn more about a practical way for anyone to achieve better work engagement here by aligning with the company mission.

In the world we live in today, there are so many distractions. I have 3 kids (all under the age of 8), a loving husband, and a career (I call these things my north stars). I have dreams and goals for myself, my family, and my work. When times get challenging (which is often when you have kids in diapers), I focus on my “north stars” to guide the way to success. 

Success means different things to different people. For me, the definition of success includes positive relations. I have been a long-time champion for a positive work environment. For nearly a decade, I have set and followed two core work principles for myself:

  1. Provide as much value to my place of employment as possible
  2. Foster a positive work environment

Easier said than done.

Because of my guiding principles, I (1) stay focused on the important business objectives and goals at hand; but also (2) I stay above the fray in my work life, that in my opinion, ultimately bleeds into my personal life. 

At previous companies, I have studied employees’ work engagement, happiness levels, and motivation, etc. It pains me to see the harsh realities that only 34% of employees in the US feel engaged at work in 2021, per a Gallup poll. While there are a variety of reasons that could lead to such low engagement, I personally question if employees feel connected to their company mission and their role to their company’s mission.  Thus, I am going to focus on the purpose of work within this article. I want to give you the tools to secure your north star at work and substantially increase your work engagement.

Many times, employees feel as if they are sent on rabbit trails, not supported by management (middle or upper), lack of upward mobility, ideas not taken under serious consideration, etc. I believe that a person’s feelings in their work-life flow into their personal life and vice versa. Thus, highlighting the importance to seek a positive work environment and fulfilling work. My recommendation for finding increased work engagement within yourself comes in two interlocking parts. The first is to know your company’s mission (hint, hint, your north star). The second is to understand how your precise role relates to that mission.

At Hanwha Qcells USA Corp (Qcells USA Corp.), I feel both connected and empowered by our company mission: We aim for a greener tomorrow with completely clean energy solutions. Qcells USA, is a utility-scale solar and energy storage developer, EPC provider (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) as well as Independent Power Producer. Our mission is to provide those clean energy solutions with a large splash – utility-scale (as big as it gets).

Currently, I am the Director of Policy and Market Strategy at Qcells USA. I spearhead my company’s involvement in Federal, State, Utility/RTO/ISO, and some local affairs regarding utility-scale solar and energy storage. I am motivated daily to pursue policies to help transition to a more reliable and cleaner grid. Here and now, I feel proudest and most gratified to fight for policies for a fair and level playing field for clean energy in areas such as interconnection, capacity, ancillary services and much more. 

I am truly grateful, and I know I am blessed to have my north stars: 3 kids, loving husband, and a meaningful career. It is rare that I am “down on life” since I don’t have the time, nor do I rarely lose my direction (my why/my purpose) in a world full of distractions. I am here to be a role model to my kids, a loving wife, and transition to a cleaner grid for future generations. I know that I am not personally fulfilled unless my actions are completed in a positive manner both at home and at work. I have personally found that only when I am in those positive environments, that then I feel both whole and self-satisfied.

My family and work responsibilities are not lost on me. I am surrounded by motivated, intelligent, and eager colleagues and family members who believe in this company’s mission. I believe now is the time for you to seek out what high work engagement means to you. Please see this link for career opportunities at Qcells USA Corp. where you can be part of the action in creating a more clean and reliable grid.

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