Q.HOME CORE Extended Warranty Program

Take advantage of available extended warranties on your Q.HOME CORE system today!

15 year warranty

At Qcells, we stand behind the quality and long-term reliability of our products. That’s why we’re offering our customers comprehensive coverage of our Q.HOME CORE residential energy storage system through extended warranties of up to 15 years.

Q.HOME CORE Component Standard Warranty Extended Warranty
Q.VOLT Hybrid Inverter 12 years 15 years
Q.SAVE Battery System 12 years
(70% of Nominal Energy)
15 years
(60% of Nominal Energy)
Q.HOME HUB Backup Interface 12 years 15 years

Q.HOME CORE Extended Warranty Qualifications

  1. Extended warranties are offered by Qcells at additional cost as prepaid transactions. 
  2. Extended warranty purchases are possible only within 36 months of the standard warranty start date. 
  3. Systems must be registered via the Extended Warranty Registration form below.

Extended Warranty Enrollment Request Form​