The Beacon Solar Energy Project

Location: Eastern Kern County, western edge of Mojave Desert, CA

Solar System Size: 300,000 Modules, 108.0MWp

Est. CO₂ Savings: 642,060lb/yr

Products Installed: Q.PLUS L-G4.2

Est. Cost Savings: $650,000/yr

The Challenge

The Southwestern United States is one of the world’s best areas for insolation, and the Mojave Desert receives up to twice the sunlight received in other regions of the country. This abundance of solar energy makes solar power plants a cleaner alternative to traditional power plants, which burn fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

Project Overview

  • Seismic mitigation: Fissure area mitigation covered roughly 30% of the project site.
  • Blend in with Wildlife: Grates at every single gate to prevent the tortoises from entering this site.


  • Produces enough clean energy to power over 14,000 households
  • Involved over 600 jobs in Kern County
  • Est. Cost Savings more than $650,000 per year