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Recipe to a Great Workforce Culture

A look at the key ingredients that go into making a great company culture. Looking for a job with great leadership and teammates? Qcells USA is your home.

On my recent trip to the office I saw on full display how Qcells stands out from the rest. Let me explain.

Through my career, I have worked in male dominated environment like so many others. I am very proud of my career and the amazing opportunities I have had thus far; due to both male and female co-workers that I have interacted with throughout the years. Like many professionals, I am a lifelong learner and a teammate who aspires to have the ingredients that make up a great workforce culture.

Some of my male co-workers’ struggles over the years were translating certain phrases that had to do with sports when discussing strategy over the years.

I was not blessed with athletic ability. I had to learn what “Hail Mary” and “the ball is in their court” meant. I am not the biggest sports fan, which makes it hard to participate in water cooler discussions about who won the game last night.

I am a “fan” of understanding what my co-workers are communicating to me. I’m willing to learn new phrases and participate in friendly game highlight conversations from the weekend.

Another one of my frustrations over the years was having company branded clothing that did not actually fit me (a.k.a., women’s clothing/women’s cut). Nonetheless, I rocked whatever men’s cut clothing I was provided to support my company and teammates.

Why precisely I am writing this article? I want to tell you about how Qcells culture is different from what I have experienced over my 19-year career in energy.

  1. Phrases – During my office visit, I was the one explaining to another co-worker about what “stirring the pot” or “poking the bear” phrases meant.

    These examples are not sports phrases but could be new phrases to others who do not speak English as a first language.

    I explained the definitions of these phrases using a personal situation: my 2-year-old puts her feet on her 3-year-old brother’s chair and says “Remy – my feet are on your chair” so her brother would have a reaction to her. A.k.a., “poke the bear”.
  2. Clothing – Qcells USA provided a box of gifts to each employee. Each box had individual names on the box. When I opened the box to see inside, I felt like it was Christmas morning.

    Inside, I had a Qcells t-shirt, polo, and jacket à it gets better…they were all WOMEN’S CUT CLOTHING!

    If my memory is correct, for the first time in my career, I was given women’s cut company branded clothing!

    I am in disbelief that I did not just get one piece of women’s cut clothing but 3! Thank you Nick Centera!
  3. Unity – At the holiday party, several leaders (both male and female) gave speeches thanking the employees for their time, dedication, and contributions. The speech that stood out the most to me was from our Qcells USA Corp President Jaekyu Lee.

    Jaekyu said “I am the supporter, we are one Qcells”.

    I have deep appreciation for leaders who are supportive of their team members and do their best to show kindness and inspiration. Thank you Jaekyu Lee for your amazing leadership.
  4. Coaching – I believe strongly in mentors. I have had phenomenal mentors in my career. I believe that not every day at work is going to be “easy” if you want to make strong impacts at your company.

    I believe in open communication and the ability to speak about tough issues to come to a solution/resolution. Vitaly Lee has been my direct supervisor for the past 14 months. Vitaly has been the most inspiring leader I have had to date. I am grateful for his honest feedback that has and will help me be a better leader in our organization.

    If you are out there and have not had an inspiring leader, please don’t give up. Please keep working to find a leader that will provide you with the honest coaching you need to hear to help you become a better professional than you can even imagine yourself to be.

    I thank Vitaly Lee for his amazing vision for our company and his commitment to help his team members develop into their best professional self.
  5. Fun – I had the most amazing time at my company holiday party last week. By far my favorite part of the evening was the employee prize raffle.

    I have always wanted to be in the audience of the game show “The Price is Right”. I love the positive energy about the show. I am not sure if I need it to come true after my company holiday party last week.

    I had so much fun seeing my co-workers run up to get their prize as they were being cheered on by their teammates. There was not a dull moment. It was a time of celebration and fun memories for us all to treasure.

I hope this article has brought a smile to your face. Great leadership, strong diversity and inclusion & fun co-workers are key ingredients to a great workforce culture.

If you are out there and you are a team player, energized to be around fun and great leaders and teammates, please see this link for Qcells USA Corp employment opportunities.

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