Qcells Energy Storage Solutions Program - North Carolina

Maximize your Q.HOME CORE Energy Storage System with Qcells’ VPP Program in North Carolina

Earn Upfront Incentives of up to $9,000, in addition to up to over $400/year*

Qcells has partnered with Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress, enabling Q.HOME CORE energy storage system customers in North Carolina to enroll in new Virtual Power Plants (VPP) programs. Through this program, you can join an innovative network of homes connected through smart technology to support the electric grid, while earning rewards.

*Incentive amounts vary, depending on system components and configuration. Please see tables below and terms and conditions for program details.

How It Works

  1. Select an Approved Installer
    Find an approved installer that will assist in submitting the incentive program applications to the utility provider and install the solar + Q.HOME CORE energy storage system at your home. ​

  2. Submit Application
    The utility provider will review and direct you to submit enrollment on the registration form on the right once the installation and commissioning are completed. If you are participating only in the Power Manager/EnergyWise program, you can apply directly using the enrollment form by selecting the “Power Manager/EnergyWise Only (Battery Control)” option, without interacting with the utility provider.


  3. Earn Cash!
    That’s it! Qcells will manage your participation, and you will be rewarded for participating in the selected program.

    If you have any questions regarding the programs or need assistance with enrollment, please reach out to grid-service@qcells.com.

Registration Form

Program Options & Incentives Summary

There are a variety of incentive options that you may choose to enroll in including:

  1. PowerPair – This program is for battery data collection only and will qualify for upfront incentives. A solar system is required to join this program.
  2. Power Manager/EnergyWise – This program is for battery control only and will qualify for ongoing incentives on a monthly basis.
  3. PowerPair + Power Manager/EnergyWise – You may choose to enroll in both options above to maximize earning potential from both programs.

PowerPair Incentives
PowerPair program incentives vary depending on the solar + storage configuration. PowerPair offers a $0.36/watt solar capacity incentive up to 10kW as well as a $400/kWh battery storage incentive up to 13.5 kWh.

Q.HOME CORE Battery Solar PV Total Upfront Incentive ($)
Battery Size Upfront Incentive Solar Size Upfront Incentive
10 kWh $4,000 5 kWh $1,800 $5,800
15 kWh $5,400 8 kWh $2,880 $8,280
20 kWh $5,400 1 kWh $3600 $9,000

Power Manager/EnergyWise Incentives

Power Manager/EnergyWise program incentives vary depending on storage system configuration. The incentive amount is calculated using the following equation: 70.9% of the system’s continuous discharge capacity (kW) * $6.50. This value is paid monthly in the form of a bill credit.

Q.HOME CORE Battery Solar PV Total Upfront Incentive ($)
10 kWh 5.5 kW $304
15 kWh 7.6 kW $420
20 kWh 7.6 kW $420

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The PowerPair program offers an upfront incentive for customers with both solar + a Q.HOME CORE energy storage system, and has no battery control requirements.​ 

  • The Power Manager/EnergyWise Program offers ongoing bill credits for customers with Q.HOME CORE energy storage systems that participate in battery control events. Power Manager is offered by Duke Energy Carolinas, while EnergyWise is offered by Duke Energy Progress. They are the same battery control program, but with different program names for different utilities.

Please see the eligible rider and rate schedule for each program and each utility:

Customer eligibility/UtilityDuke Energy ProgressDuke Energy Carolinas
PowerPair – residential solar rider
(data only – TOU rate)
PowerPair – net metering bridge riderPowerPair + EnergyWise Home Battery ControlPowerPair + Power Manager Battery Control
Existing batteryEnergyWise Home Battery ControlPower Manager Battery Control
  • PowerPair Program: Homeowners with a solar system + Q.HOME CORE energy storage system in North Carolina Duke Energy territories.

  • Power Manager/EnergyWise Program: North Carolina Homeowners with a Q.HOME CORE energy storage system in Duke Energy territories.

No, to be eligible for a PowerPair incentive, you must install a new solar and Q.HOME CORE energy storage system.

Participation allows you to experience all of the benefits of your Q.HOME CORE system, while also earning a significant amount of rewards. You will also be a part of an innovative virtual power plant (VPP), supporting your community and advancing clean energy technologies. ​Please refer to the tables above to learn about the incentives you can earn from your Q.HOME CORE battery system.​

Participation is easy – ​


  • Select an Approved Installer (Duke Energy trade ally) to submit the applications to Duke Energy to reserve your incentives and install the solar + Q.HOME CORE energy storage system at your home. ​

  • Duke Energy will review and direct you to submit your enrollment on Qcells’ program enrollment webpage once your system’s installation and commissioning are completed.​

That’s it! Qcells will manage your participation for you. ​

Homeowners not participating in the PowerPair program do not need to go through the Duke Energy-managed PowerPair application process. You can simply apply on Qcells’ program enrollment web page directly and select the “Power Manager/EnergyWise (Battery Control) Only” option. ​

The program participant agrees to participate in the PowerPair program for a term of 10 years (120 months), beginning when billing under an eligible rider and rate schedule has commenced, and ending on the 10-year anniversary thereof.​

You may opt out of up to four battery control events in the Q.HOME APP/Portal. If you choose to opt out of more than four events per year, you may be removed from the battery control program and forego related incentives. ​

You can terminate the program early by sending an email with your name, address, email and inverter serial number to info@energyhub.com, grid-service@qcells.com and PowerPair@duke-energy.com. An early termination fee may apply. Please see the program terms and conditions for details.​

You can send an email to EWHBattery@duke-energy.com, info@energyhub.com and grid-service@qcells.com to be removed from the program. If you decide to withdraw from the program, the monthly bill credit(s) from participating in this program will no longer appear on your bill.​

Rest assured that your battery will not be discharged below a 20% state of charge. You may also choose to opt out of up to 4 events each year.​

Participants in the battery control option will receive a monthly bill credit based on the make and model of their battery storage system enrolled in the program. Bills will be calculated based on the consumption and discharge of the home’s meter and the customer’s rider and rate schedule selection. Your rate can be found at the top of your electric bill. More information on rate types is located at www.duke-energy.com/rates.