Qcells Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Program - Texas

Get $1,000 in rewards when you enroll your Q.HOME CORE Energy Storage System with Qcells’ Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Program in Texas.

Enroll in Qcells’ VPP Program today and receive up to $1,000 in cash value from Qcells during the first two years of enrollment, in addition to a $40/month billing credit.*

*2-time annual $500 eGift card incentive is provided upon successful enrollment of Q.HOME CORE Energy Storage System in the Qcells Virtual Power Plant Program. eGift cards will be distributed by Qcells for the first two years after enrollment, for a total amount of $1,000. Billing credits will be distributed in partnership with Chariot Energy. Terms and conditions apply. Please see program details during the enrollment process for more information.

What is Qcells’ Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Program in Texas?

Qcells’ VPP program in partnership with Chariot Energy enables energy storage system owners in Texas to help promote grid stability and reliability by discharging necessary energy to the grid when needed. In return, homeowners will get rewarded for as long as they are enrolled in the program. For more information about how this program works, please visit: https://chariotenergy.com/battery-rewards/.

Qcells and Chariot flyer

Who Can Participate?

To participate, you should have an operational Solar and Q.HOME CORE energy storage system which is under normal operation. You also need to be a Chariot Energy retail customer and participate in a Solar Buyback plan to be eligible to enroll. Please check if your zip code qualifies for the program here: https://chariotenergy.com/qcells/ 

Why Should I Participate?

Participation allows you to experience all of the benefits of your Q.HOME CORE system, while also earning a significant amount of rewards and being a part of an innovative Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that supports your community and advances clean energy technologies. 

Below is the incentive amount you will receive by participating in this program:

Program Incentive Amount Term
eGift Card $1000 ($500/yr) 2 Years
Billing Credit $40/mo Monthly
Additional Billing Credit from
Solar Buyback Plan
Dependent on amount of
energy sold back to the grid

How Do I Receive the $1,000 Incentive?

  1. Eligiblity Check & Join Chariot Energy’s Solar Buyback (SBB) Plan – To participate, you must have an operational Solar and Q.HOME CORE energy storage system. You also must be a Chariot Energy retail customer and be participating in a Solar Buyback plan.  Check your eligiblity and enroll at https://chariotenergy.com/qcells/
  2. Enroll in Chariot Energy’s Battery Rewards Program (BRP) – Click the “Enroll Here” button below to complete the enrollment process on Chariot Energy’s Battery Rewards Program webpage.
  3. Sign up for $1,000 VPP Program Promotion – Once Chariot Energy confirms that you have successfully enrolled in their Battery Rewards Program, Qcells will send a confirmation email with a link to sign up for the $1,000 promotion. Once signed up, Qcells will send you the first $500 eGift card to your email address within 30 days from the date you signed up for the promotion. The second and subsequent $500 eGift card will be sent within 30 days of the 1st anniversary of your sign up date. 

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