Installer Story: DPI Solar

Solar is our legacy for the next generation

Portland, Oregon

The reasons for installing solar power systems are simple. It reduces your electric bill and mitigates against power outages. But there is another reason. It can become our legacy to our children and to the environment.

15 years of experience

Josh Kopczynski, the owner of DPI Solar, has been working in solar industry since 2007 when it was about to become a burgeoning market. He is one of the most experienced, and skilled installers with his sincere passion for helping customers who are motivated to do something for the environment.

Location: 20345 SW Pacific Hwy Suite 103, Sherwood, OR, US

Establishment: 2009 ~

Employee: 9 people

Installed Panel: 150 kW

Installed ESS: 150 kW

Est. CO₂ Savings: 1,288,961lb/yr

About Us

DPI Solar Shop

DPI Solar is a family-owned company. Josh started the company with his parents in 2007, but his parents retired 4 years ago. It is not too much to say that now the company has become entirely owned and run by him. 


DPI Solar is a union contractor and pays all their employees a living wage, which is unusual in the solar industry. The company specially takes extra care of employees, and their work environment because Josh knows that if the employees are satisfied with their job, they can better focus on bringing expertise to customers in return. He is confident that the employees at DPI Solar have the best skills and experience in the field.

DPI solar

One thing that specifically sets DPI Solar apart from many of the installers locally, is our breadth and experience of knowledge and wisdom that we've gained by being in the industry for 15 years. It's tough to match what we've learned and what we continue to learn and apply the previous lessons to future endeavors. So that's definitely something that sets us apart.


We do the entire construction process from start to finish and we don't subcontract any parts of our installation. our project manager team really takes that to heart and handles everything from start to finish, from the permitting and design and the engineering, all the way through to the final handoff of the project and training.

Our Customer Service

DPI Solar and forklift

We work with customers who may not have the best exposure for solar and one of the things that we're seeing with some of these customers is, they're trying to leave a legacy for their kids and for the environment. That's a big portion of it. And then there's the environmentally-minded folks in general. They really are looking to impact the environment in a very positive way by trying to stop the purchase of coal power in this state… We try to balance things and give our customers a hundred percent awareness of what they're going to get themselves into and leave them satisfied, not disappointed.

DPI Solar analyzes their customers’ electric bills to determine their power usage. Based on the data, they prepare different proposals for each customer, including how many panels are needed, or sufficient, and how much energy that can be generated with a solar solution. They also never forget to inform their customers of potential incidents that can happen during installation in advance. Josh holds an electrician license and provides transparent, realistic solutions with his expertise. Especially, he is always truthful to each customer that it has become the key to earn a solid reputation, and credibility in the area for 15 years.

Hardhat with DPI solar

Safety is probably my number one priority in our industry. That's a big, big thing in our industry is, we're on rooftops a lot. We do all the excavation, trenching and auguring of holes, pile driving, all of that stuff, so we're trying to push the safety program as far forward as we can. It helps save us.

Why Qcells

DPI Solar

Qcells comes to the market with a design that's really, in my opinion, unparalleled… The other thing that I loved about Qcells solar is their efforts to bring more technology to the market at an affordable price. Once I had a chance to review the data and compare it to the other systems that were already out there, this is a product line that solves so many challenges for new installation, ease of installation and retrofit to existing installations.

Josh has been witnessing the evolution of solar technologies in the field over 15 years and there is a reason he recommends Qcells to his customers. In his opinion, Qcells products distinguish themselves from competitors with an unparalleled design that brings one of the highest power outputs in the industry, as well as an industry-leading warranty. Josh believes that Qcells brings affordable, robust system to the market that can’t be matched when considering everything that it offers.

I've been so confident with the Qcells solar product line that we actually have seen very few, if any, failures in the field… What we found with the Qcells are, there are no issues… we see this product standing up to the rigors of use and we see our customers having high satisfaction rates from what we provided them.

DPI Solar

I love solar. I got bit by the bug of solar in 2005 and I just fell in love with it. The industry is growing rapidly, and the technology is always evolving. Customers who have already installed solar systems willingly spread the word. Customer satisfaction is really high. I hope this industry grows even more. For DPI Solar, and for our next generation.