Installer Story: NC Solar Now

We support your renewable life

Raleigh, North Carolina

It's really a great feeling to see someone light up when you ask them about how their experience has been with solar… They're super happy with the product, super happy with the panels and that makes us happy. It makes me feel how my work is not only a simple business, but a contribution to the Earth.

What it means to go green

Katy and Carl, both from North Carolina, were interested in environmental issues since college. Thus, it was very natural for them to join NC Solar Now, a solar panel installation company in North Carolina.

Location: 2509 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC 27604, US

Establishment: 2010 ~

Employee: 86 people

Installed Panel: 24,176 kW

Installed ESS: 24,176 kW

Est. CO₂ Savings: 49,344,000lb/yr

About Us

NC Solar Now

NC Solar Now is a local solar panel installation company in North Carolina. The majority of employees are college graduates from the region, meaning that they are all familiar with the area. NC Solar Now has started with only 5 employees, but after 10 years since its establishment, the company now has more than 90. With continued growth, they are completing approximately 15 installation cases in 2 weeks, compared to its initial phase when they could only have done one in the same amount of time. 

Overall, NC Solar Now has installed more than 2500 solar panel systems over 10 years, and received over 250 five star reviews on Google. They were doubtful whether they would be able to survive in the industry 10 years ago, but now they became a well-established mid-size company. 

NC Solar Now

(Left) My name's Katie Clifford. I'm the commercial sales manager here at NC Solar. I grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina, which is a city on the coast. I went to school for urban planning, since sustainable develop is something that I'm really interested in. That's what brought me here to NC Solar Now.

(Right) My name is Carl. I'm the director of operations and a partner in NC Solar Now. I've been here for over 10 years. I'm from North Carolina, born and bred here. In college I was really interested in solar technology and sustainable materials. I got introduced to the company by chance through a friend. The company offered me a position and I was pretty much satisfied with it. In the end, I agreed to stay since I wanted to contribute to the solar industry and achieve personal development here.

Our Customer Service

Neighborhood with solar panels

Our customers are looking to become more sustainable. They are concerned about the environment and they also want to save money on their energy expenses. So we take on the role of an advisor. We wanted to encourage our customers, help them determine what their needs are, and then find solutions to those needs.

Installing solar on house

NC Solar Now provides consultations, turnkey installations, and post-installation services across the lifespan of the system. Part of the design process is to do a thorough visit of the location to create 3D models and 3D shading analysis produced by drone footages. This enables them to accurately calculate how much energy the system can produce. All of this is provided to the customer so that they can understand exactly how much energy they will be saving from the utility company.


Why Qcells

Putting solar panels on house

We recommend Qcells to most of our customers. That’s for sure. With its quality, design and product warranty period, I can guarantee that this is the best choice.

NC Solar Now has a dedicated in-house team of engineers and designers that sorts out available solar products in the market and selectively choose the ones that are most suitable for installations. Their main intention is to make sure that the solar systems they provide last as long as possible with minimal amount of necessary maintenance.


Solar panels on house

NC Solar Now highly recommends Qcells due to its black on black curb appeal, sleek looks and its excellent aesthetics matching roof shingles for residential purposes. Qcells comes with an incredible 25 year warranty that allows customers to feel comfortable, and relieved while using the product. They are also manufactured in the US, specifically in Dalton, Georgia. Customers know that the product they purchase is manufactured locally and supports local jobs in their communities.

Installing solar panels on house

North Carolina has had incredible solar growth. We call this phenomenon as ‘solarcoaster’ for a reason. The interest in solar is increasing and will continue to grow in the future as well. We can tell it by a high satisfaction of our existing customers.